Notary for Insurance Hold Harmless Agreement & Other Private Document | Near Cherrydale Point

Certified Notary Public Signing Agent & Owner Sonita M. Leak has performed many signings involving insurance paperwork, mainly Hold Harmless Agreemments involving vehicles.  There are some posts dedicated to merely stating the facts, yet, some are more informative.  Therefore, in this post, the Hold Harmless Agreement will be explained.

Thought we would give it away that easy?  Ha ha!  No, you will have to go HERE for the full definition. You may research the following posts for more information on what we’ve done in the past on behalf of previous customers:

Hold Harmless Agreement Assignment #1
Hold Harmless Agreement Assignment #2

Due to the private nature of today’s Hold Harmless Agreement, no further information will provided other than the fact that the signing was actualized near the Cherrydale Point Shopping Center. Another private document was seen.

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