Notary for Last Will and Testament at Bon Secours St Francis Downtown Greenville

A last will and testament document was signed by a Greer, South Carolina resident, witnessed by an uninterested third party, witnessed by Sonita M. Leak, then notarized by Sonita M. Leak in her capacity as a Notary Public for the State of South Carolina.  This process was completed within 45-minutes.  Sometimes the process of a hospital or nursing facility-related document takes longer than an outside-facility notarization because extra measures are taken to ensure the patient/resident is not under duress, on mind-altering medication and has not been ruled incompetent to sign documents.  We at take extra care and NEVER look at our work as trivial.  Call 864.214.6447 to have your document notarized, today!  And we are OPEN on weekends as well.

Performed at St. Francis Downtown, 1 St Francis Drive, Greenville, SC on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

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