Notary for Last Will and Testament Documents for a Local Couple in Greenville

It’s Summertime and we are seeing more of the Last Will and Testament, Five Wishes and other final wish documents coming across our desk.  Don’t think of having a will prepared as morbid.  What can be considered morbid is passing away whether expectedly or unexpectedly, WITHOUT ONE. This is also considered passing away intestate.

When my older brother passed away 10 years ago, my entire family gathered and prepared its Last Will and Testament documents.  This occurred before even becoming a notary public. However, now that I am a notary, I have seen many situations where families posthumously scurry to have estates and personal affairs taken care of to find that they waited too late.  Adverse situations occur when you pass away without a will. The state may garner your loved one’s possessions due to debts owed, fights over valuables ensue and/or go into unclaimed status.

Although we here at cannot tell you what to write or how to write your Last Will and Testament, Executive Directive, Health Care , Special, Durable and General Powers of Attorney, we do encourage you to seek information on having one drafted to avoid the unnecessary should the unexpected (and sometimes expected) occur.

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