Notary for Late Evening Seller-Side Documents | Cleveland Street, Greenville 29601

When two or more persons party to a document have a hard time coming together to sign, there are several options available to get the task accomplished.  The first option is to wait until both parties are available at the same time (which normally occurs after hours), the second, have each person sign said document at different times, in front of the same notary, or in exigent circumstances, in front of a different notary who would then attach acknowledgments to the document signed.

A knowledgeable notary will know what to do about your situation.  In our instance this evening, multiple documents needed signatures by a local couple.  One of the documents needing the signatures notarized also required two witness signatures.  In this case, the notary public acted as a witness, however, it proved difficult to find another witness to assist.

The search was on for a witness, and 20 minutes after the signing commenced a witness was found for the sole document.  This signing was conducted by Owner Sonita M. Leak near First Baptist Church of Greenville. First Baptist Church of Greenville is located at 847 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

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