Notary for Marital Documents at FedEx at Woods Lake Road, Greenville

Ok, so Marriage and Wedding Officiant Sonita M. Leak signed off on the legal side of the paperwork, while performing a short I do ceremony before the BIG DAY (which call occur at a later time).  Yes, although we would love for our ceremony to be mostly glitz and glamour, sometimes you have to get the legalities out of the way to handle marital business, if you know what I mean.  The couple did so, receiving after hours services as the now-husband did not get off of work until 6:00pm.

Marriage performed by a notary public is legal in the State of South Carolina as part of notarial duty.  There are three other states where a notary may perform a marriage ceremony.  Those states are Florida, Maine and Nevada.  There are other states with pending measures to allow notaries to marry couples.  Read about them HERE.

Sonita is looking forward to performing the larger ceremony couple within the next year!

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