Notary for N3 Notary Private Transaction at the Chik-fil-A on Pelham Road in Greenville

Thanks to N3 Notary another individual has been helped.  The call rang in for a notary on the previous day, Thursday, July 30, 2015.  The call was answered with no appointment set for the assignment.  At times, companies will call in with a “TBD” assignment.  These assignments are scheduled as soon as possible between the notary and the signer.  In this case, nothing had to be notarized, nothing signed. The individual involved in the transaction called at approximately 5:30pm EST and by mutual agreement, chose a location. The entire transaction was electronic based and took less than 10 minutes to perform in a PACKED after work hang out called ‘Club Chik-fil-A’. No, we have jokes, but there were quite a few people on the after-work chicken prowl.

This assignment was conducted by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.

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