Notary for Oath of Allegiance at Headquarters @GvilleNotary

An Oath of Allegiance for the State of New Jersey was presented, requiring a resident of that state’s signature and notarization by a notary public.  There have been many a customer who has come to me and stated that they could not find a notary that would notarize their paperwork merely because they were a resident of another state.

Some notaries here (and I’ve heard signers say this) will not notarize for out-of-state residents. This post is here to say, YES YOU CAN!  There are handbooks available that will allow you to scrutinize a form of identification by state licensure.  You can find a sample of one HERE.  By the way, we in no way endorse this product contained within the link, Sonita just got lazy and posted the first link she saw.  So please don’t take OUR word for it!  To aid in your own search efforts, just navigate to and put ‘book of state licenses’ in the search field.

Today’s Oath of Allegiance signing (you’ll have to look that up too) took place at Greenville Notary Service Headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina and was performed by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.

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