Notary for Oversight of Immigration Documents to be Completed at a Later Time | Coffee Underground

The caller needed assistance after hours, at a time when businesses are closed and not accepting new clients.  Also, the fact that this same person called on in the past for a similar notary transaction may be the reason why he called us.

Acting as a loan officer, attorney, or translator is absolutely prohibited unless duly licensed to do so.  As notaries, when we act as a person who “explains” a document, we are considered practicing law or acting as if we were a mortgage broker or loan officer, which is outside the scope of our duties.

You will hear us use the term “oversight” because that is what we do here.  Oversight is considered ensuring that the signer signs in the right places and is familiar with the ‘type’ of the document they are signing.  When it comes to questions, such as: “Why is my Interest Rate so high?”  We would then refer them to the proper channel.  In this case, the proper outlet would be the loan officer for the transaction.

If you have any questions on what is considered Oversight, I would suggest you research the term or consult with your attorney.

During tonight’s interchange, a signer who knew and spoke English, needed assistance with what was needed in the blanks for multiple Immigration forms.

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