Notary for Printing, Notarization of Signature and Quick Send Off | Headquarters

No, we didn’t have to send the documents off this time.  This time, we had to service our client quickly and send HIM off quickly due to our normal daily activities here at  The original call for service came in at 2:26pm for the need of a local resident to print two (2) copies of a three-page document.  The signer’s signature needed to be notarized so that he could, in return, ship the document off to a third party in another state.

Today’s signer had trouble finding a notary that would help him because of his out-of-state identification.  But here at we know that all you need for proof of identification as far as physical ID is a government-issued, unexpired, photo identification card.

The signer’s document, printing, his arrival, his signing and notarization was comlete by 2:43pm.

Want your document serviced quickly and efficiently?  Call Certified Notary Public Sonita M. Leak at 864.214.6447.

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