Notary for Private Document Signing and Jurat/Affiant Statement | Carolina Ale House, Greenville

Thanks to waitress Tiffany for her awesome service; we had an excellent signing and dining experience at the Downtown Greenville Carolina Ale House Location. Due to the nature of the signing, no details regarding the type of signing will be disclosed.  A document and its signer appeared before the notary. The document came already signed by the person whose signature needed notarization.  In the instance where a signer presents a document before you (here in the State of South Carolina) and the document is already signed, you may give the signer an oath, them swearing to the fact that they have signed the document on their own volition and were not under duress while doing so. The signing was followed by the completion of a Jurat/Affiant Statement by the signer.

Why take all these steps?  It is the notary’s obligation to their customers and their obligation to their state to uphold the standards of their public office.  Verifying the identity of a signer is the major task we have, however, recording, although not required in South Carolina, could prevent much heartache should a subpoena requesting your presence appear in your mailbox regarding a matter in which you were the notary.

Tonight’s signing occurred at Carolina Ale House, 113 S. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601, a short diversion from the original proposed signing location. Signing onducted by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.


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