Notary for Private Document Signing at Copper River Grill | Easley, SC

What does a notary public do when they are on the way from one signing to another and they receive a notary call?  Well, if it’s in between, YOU ANSWER IT!

This is what happened on the evening of Sunday, November 29, 2015.  An Easley resident called into the lines shortly before 5pm needing a notary for another party.  It just so happened that the party needing their identity verified was doing some post-holiday dining.  Along the path back to Greenville, Notary Public Sonita Leak stopped into Copper River Grill Easley for a few to assist the signer who then casually returned to their awaiting table guests. Thank you for calling our service in your time of need.

Tonight’s signing occurred at Copper River Grill, 102 Southern Railway , Easley, SC 29642 and was completed by Owner Sonita M. Leak, assisted by B. Hackett of Taylors, SC.

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