Notary for Private Document Signing in West End | Featuring Mill Village Market

So yesterday was quite a different day from the norm for notary work.  People ‘barely’ think of notary service being available on the weekend. However, weekend notary service is ALWAYS available when it comes to  Yesterday, while celebrating the Grand Open Ribbon Cutting of Mill Village Market, 8 Lois Avenue, Greenville, South Carolina 29611, an out-of-state resident called needing notary service.

Although the signing did not take place at this location, the call rang in here and they have a special word called J-O-B-S, so we’ll feature them for the signing.

Yes, the Mill Village Market is looking for employees, but a special kind.  THE YOUTH.  If you are in high school and are looking for employment, you should consider becoming part of the Mill Village team.  You can apply HERE. Through Mill Village Ministries, the youth hired learn the processes of growing, cultivating and harvesting crops and participate in other fruitful activities. For more information on Mill Village Ministries, click HERE.

The private signing occurred down Pendleton Street at The Village Grind, 1263 Pendleton Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29611.  it was conducted by me, Sonita M. Leak, Owner and Certified

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