Notary for Private Document Signing with an “X” Near Saluda Dam Road | Pro Bono Service

A new local resident we’ve seen in previous weeks called into our notary lines once again for a signing on behalf of their relative.  Knowing the conditions present, services were offered pro bono to the client, which included copy service for the documents signed. This signing involved a signer who could only make a mark, therefore special circumstance language, as per the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Notary Public Rules & Regulations were applied.

Due to privacy of the assignment, no details regarding the type of paperwork will be discussed, however, there were two pieces of paperwork requiring signature notarization.

However, in the past two weeks we’ve run into the Cains quite a bit. Let me tell you a little bit about them…

Pastor Seth Cain and Lady Ashley Cain are the leaders of The Village Church and The Village Wrench. Read below what they are doing for our Westside Community of Greenville:

As per their website “Village Church is a missional church, serving our community and building relationships with our neighbors. As part of our ongoing and future vision, we are forming “missional communities” of 20-40 people  who collaborate to pray for, serve and strengthen each other and a specified neighborhood or community in our city (Some will live there, some will not). Missional communities will be networked within the larger church community.”

Why Missional Communities?

Flexible, relational & local expressions of Village Church
Applies a missional lens to our existing activities, relationships and interests.
A strong value of “doing life together.”
Allows for hanging out on the margins to observe until new folks are comfortable enough to participate.
An atmosphere for life-to-life discipleship, not just pulpit-to-pew.
MC’s can become incubators for new ministries or support for established ministries to the community.

The Village Church’s mission is also expressed via an outreach that myself and my children have participated in on MANY occasions.  The Village Wrench is a program designed to broaden the insights of our Westside Community members, children and adults alike. They’ve shown their love of people, opportunity, bike repair and of course Jesus!

You can visit The Village Church’s Website by clicking HERE.  You can visit The Village Wrench website by clicking HERE.

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