Notary for Private Documents Notarization at Coffee Underground

This morning at 8:36am, the virtual offices of received a call from a local Greer resident needing some private documents notarized, and notarized fairly quickly before an afternoon meeting. The signer also needed two witnesses party to the document. Normally, the notary public may act as a witness party to choice transactions, however, the principal requested there be an additional witness who was NOT the notary.  Making such a request is quite alright with us!

Due to keeping the privacy of the documents signed private, we’ll just tell you how it went down:

I (Sonita Leak), needed an additional witness and I found my witness. Me, sister-in-law (witness), kids (3 of the smallest), paper, colored pencils, poked and prodded witness, private documents, signer. Sit, talk, sign 22 pages of paperwork, notarization complete in about 25 minutes… WHEW!!!

When you need a notary in your urgent situation, call 864.214.6447

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