Notary for Private Marriage Ceremony at Probate Court, Greenville, SC

Thank God the Bride didn’t show up in her scrubs!!! Well, it really wouldn’t matter if her potential Groom accepts her ‘as is’. The initial phone call for these nuptials was the best EVER.  One half of the couple called into looking for a Marriage Officiant.  Notary and Wedding Officiant Sonita M. Leak answered the call.  The Groom-to-be wanted an officiant that could meet he and his fiancée between their working hours.

During the course of initial phone call conversation, Sonita asked about attire for the occasion and the Groom-to-be exclaims, “She might just show up in her scrubs!” Needless to say, the Bride-to-be did NOT show up in scrubs, but instead a short-laced beige lace dress, ready to be married.

Congratulations to Joseph and Misty, married on June 30, 2015!

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