Notary for Private Marriage Ceremony Held at Probate Court

A private marriage ceremony was performed at Greenville County Square near the Marriage and License Division, 301 University Ridge, Suite 5600 Greenville, South Carolina 29601.  The couple, traveling from Georgia, arrived in Greenville on Thursday, April 23 amidst the high construction and high traffic of the roads.  Due to their unforeseen adventure, the April 24 nuptials scheduled for 1:30pm did not occur until approximately 3:45pm.  Why not until April 24th at 3:45pm?  The law in South Carolina is that a couple must wait a required 24 hours to pick up their license and certificate after applying.  For more details on the requirements for getting your marriage license in this state, please refer to the Greenville Probate Court’s Website.  You can access it by clicking HERE.

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