Notary for Quitclaim Deed for State of Tennessee Property in Moore, SC

Who calls for a notary at 5:30pm for an evening notarization that MUST happen TODAY to have the documents shipped off and returned by Friday? did! Go to Moore, South Carolina? Were we able to accommodate them?  Why, of course we were!

In the busy world we live in, at times, signers are not always available to sign together.  In this case, it was a husband and wife that needed to sign.  To knock out the need for two separate notarizations, and possible non-completion by the required date, a Certified Notary Signing Agent was called.  We delivered on our promise to serve the public on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Thanks again to and both husband and wife for welcoming our presence this evening.  We hope and pray everything goes well with your transaction.

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