Notary for Repeat Customer for Temporary Guardianship | A West End Greenville, South Carolina Coffee Shop

Greenville South Carolina is high on the list for many #1s.  I’d like to think that Greenville is on it’s way to being the Little Sister City of great coffee consumption.  No, Greenville is not as populous as Seattle, Washington, which is considered #1 coffee capital of the world, but the brews and collective understanding of coffee in our town is becoming a beacon of daily life for many Greenvillians.

On today, January 17, 2016, a repeat customer met with Owner and Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak for urgent temporary guardianship paperwork for their minor children.  Thanks to open availability and fast service, the signer sat down and was up again before you know. Thanks to this coffee-house for being host.

We appreciate knowing and loving up on the customers we have.  If you’ve ever experienced a signing with me, you know that I appreciate when you call me back again.

This signing was conducted in an undisclosed location due to privacy.  Thank you for your understanding the non-disclosure.  Have a great day and should you need a notary for weekend, holiday, or service ANYTIME, call 864.214.6447!

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