Notary for South Carolina Vehicle Transfer of Title to North Carolina Resident | Headquarters

On the evening of Thursday, September 24, 2015, Owner Sonita M. Leak witnessed the signatures for a State of South Carolina notary on the transfer of title of his vehicle to another party, a resident of North Carolina.  The call rang in to our lines at approximately 4:50pm, and by 5:15pm, the new customers were being served!

If you know anything about in-state vehicle transfers, you know that it is not necessary to get a notary’s stamp of approval.  However, in some other states, the notary’s sworn statement is written on the title transfer section to be completed.  When the title is void of this language, it is necessary to attach either an Individual Acknowledgment, a notarial form that verifies that a person or persons appeared before the notary, or in this case, a Witness or Attesting a Signature Form.  The forms used by come direct from the National Notary Association as a part of membership.

It should also go without saying, a notary public cannot notarize a document on their own behalf.

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