Notary for Three (3) Private Vehicle-Related Documents | Coffee Underground

Having an expired or non-existent ID can be seen as a worst-case scenario when it comes to needing a document notarized.  Have no fear, you can STILL have that document notarized!  When a person’s form of valid, government-issued ID has expired or they’ve lost it, they must appear before the notary with two credible witnesses that can vouch for their identity.  Each of the witnesses must have their own valid, government-issued ID in order to make their attestation before the notary. An affiant statement will be completed by each party identifying the signer. After this is done, the initial signer’s paperwork can then be signed and notarized.

Today’s signing was for three identical documents for three separate transactions on behalf of  Senior citizen.  The two credible witnesses were family members. Due to the nature of the signing, private details will not be disclosed.

This assignment was conducted at Coffee Underground, 1 E. Coffee Street, Greenville, SC 29601 by Owner and National Notary Association Ambassador, Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

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