Notary for Two Durable Powers of Attorney on Behalf of Return Customer at Spill the Beans, where everybody knows your name.   It’s great to have great customer service and also good to remember your clients’ names when they call you.  Along with proper etiquette, it all culminates into what?  REPEAT BUSINESS!

Previously having met the customers off of Roper Mountain Road, today’s call lead us not too far from the customer’s home in Downtown Greenville.  Fortunately, the customers’ sons kept our information and called us (as they said they would) for this most recent set of documents for our signer.  Thank you to Spill the Beans for always being such gracious hosts for our meetings. Also, our witness for the transaction would be so sad if we didn’t mention him, so thank you “mystery man” for allowing us to pull you and for acting as our first witness today!

Today’s notarization performed by Certified Notary Public Sonita M. Leak at Spill the Beans, 531 South Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29601.

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