Notary for Vehicle Title Transaction at McBee Station Publix, Downtown Greenville

The call rang in around 8pm, the seller of a vehicle called into because he felt he MIGHT need a notary (just in case the potential buyer bought the car).  After a brief test drive, and a good look-see of the car, HE DID! However, this signing was far from simple.  The seller held a Power of Attorney document, allowing him to sign over the car, acting as a relative’s Attorney-in-Fact.  Therrefore, a Jurat was filled out on behalf of his affiant statement that the Power of Attorney belonged to him.  Also, an Acknowledgment Form was also completed to the fact that the Certificate of Title reigned from North Carolina and did not include space for a notary stamp nor seal.

Signing conducted by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak on June 22, 2015. And yes, it was conducted in the parking lot of Publix, which had ample spacing for the quick test-run by the buyer.

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