Notary for Warranty Deed Signing for Out-of-State Property | Headquarters

A BMW plant contractor working 12-hour shifts needed a notary and needed a notary badly.  At 7:00 at night, here in Greenville, South Carolina, a notary is hard to find. Here, we take pride in providing service to customers who have busy or just plain upside-down hours.  Some businesses allow visitors to come in and serve their customers, but there are just some that do not allow it; enter our evening customer for the night of Monday, September 28, 2015.

A Warranty Deed for an out-of-state property was signed by the holder then notarized by Owner Sonita M. Leak.  Language for the State of South Carolina was affixed and initialed by the same.  Our brand new customer?  Her document was complete and ready for shipping come morning.

If you are ever in a bind and need something notarized at odd hours, give us a call at 864.214.6447, we’ll find a way to take care of you.

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