Notary for Will and Power of Attorney Documents | Greenville Memorial Hospital

The call came in yesterday morning, from a State of Ohio resident whose relative ended up in the Heart Institute of Greenville Memorial Hospital.  There was nothing set in place to protect the patient’s assets, nor specify health care arrangements should an unexpected event occur.

First, let’s give applause for this caring relative to travel all the way from Ohio to visit their loved one in the hospital, and then for also thinking about their family member’s affairs in the process.

Now, before you call a notary public regarding a loved one in the hospital, nursing, rehabilitation or hospice facility, ensure that you are not forcing them to sign anything, as this is considered duress.

Duress, although not desired in ANY situation, happens often. Notaries, be aware for what to watch out for.  Here is one article* you can turn to for some typical advice as it relates to minimizing your liability during signing, including duress.

Today’s signing took place shortly before guests began arriving for the NICU Reunion, a yearly reunion set for the Greenville Hospital System’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit‘s premature babies and their families!  Kudos to the GHS for this event, I’m sure the parents and loved ones of our special NICU babies are appreciative!

*Article presented by the National Notary Association of Chatsworth, California.

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