Notary for Lump Sum Structured Settlement Agreement | Woodruff, SC

When it comes to finding a notary to go out to clients in the rural areas of the Upstate, we cater to the requesting companies.  Do you have a sick and shut-in client that lives in Woodruff, South Carolina or beyond?  We may be able to assist.

Today’s signer was not sick nor shut-in, however, the paperwork involved required many signatures, dates and notarial acts. We’ve worked previously with the company requesting the work to be completed, so we must welcome back BTG Advisors and thank them for passing this assignment along.

The work involved having the resident sign several forms, fill out a questionnaire and sign contractual agreements.  The number of notarizations performed on the signer’s signatures? There were 12 to be exact, yes, 12.  These 12 notarial acts were only for some of the signer’s signatures, not all.

Along with obtaining signatures and completing notarizations, the document was also scanned and emailed ON THE SPOT to the requesting company.

Today’s assignment was completed in Woodruff, South Carolina off of Hwy 101 in Spartanburg County. Assignment completed by Owner and Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak on Friday, March 4, 2016.

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