Going for that Name Change? | Don’t Get Hosed in the Process

I would like to give you some helpful information on the Name Change process here in South Carolina.  We wouldn’t want you to get hosed in the process, so here are some words of wisdom;  make sure you share this information to others today!

There are parties out there that will promise you that you can have your name changed.  Just give them $1500 and you’re all set.  It really doesn’t take all that.

From the standpoint of those persons who have sat before me that have completed the process on their own instead of hiring outside parties (outsourcing) their documentation to someone else – there are individuals and companies out there getting over on citizens because they are not quite aware of how little money it takes to either ‘change your name’ or ‘take your name back’.

I cannot LEGALLY tell you how to make changes to your name, but I can, of course, lead you in the right direction. Please do not take any of the following as legal advice or advisement.

Click on this link to go to just ONE resource for changing your name – NAMECHANGELAW.COM
Another resource is the Upstate Family Law Blog.

This post was a result of a signing that took place on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, when a Belton, South Carolina resident traveled into Greenville to have several name change forms completed and their signatures notarized on two.  This signing occurred at Greenville County Square, 301 University Ridge, Greenville, South Carolina 29601. This process also requires fingerprinting, so, if you are in the planning stages of changing your name, be prepared.

For even further information on changing your name in the State of South Carolina, you can navigate to the SLED* web page.

*SLED stands for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

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