Notary for New Notary Application on behalf of N Demand Studios Owner Katannya Martin

NDemandNailStudioWelcome Katannya “Tann” Martin to the Notary Public of South Carolina family in a few weeks!!!  Katannya completed and returned her new application on Tueseday, October 14, 2014.  We’ll be seeing you soon in “Stamp Land”!

Katannya is the Owner of the very successful ‘N Demand Nail Studio, with the slogan “I was Nailed at ‘N Demand Nail Studio”.  Please visit the ‘N Demand Facebook Page by clicking HERE.  Of course, her signing was conducted at N Demand Nail Studio located at 104 Airport Road, Greenville, SC  29607. You can book an appointment by calling (864) 483-7601.