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“Can you print a document out if I send it by email?”

Sure we can. Here at we will print up to 10 pages needing signatures and/or notarization at no additional cost, for as long as travel service has been requested.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, a local notary public called into the lines needing a notary for travel to her relative at Greenville Memorial Hospital, however, there was a little issue. The relative didn’t have access to a printer to get the documents to either us nor to her relative in care at the hospital.

The solution?

Send the document to us! Whether it is letter sized or legal size, if the document is no greater than 10 pages in size, we will print it at no additional cost, any paper over 10 printed will be added fees for service.

The signing, which took place under the watchful eye of Owner Sonita M. Leak was assisted by hospital chaplain Ellie, acting as the first witness to the signings themselves.

Thank you to the patient, who was wildly awaiting his discharge from the facility, for working with us through the delivery, reading and placing of our signatures.

Assignment completed at Greenville Memorial Hospital, 701 Grove Road, Greenville, SC 29605.

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