Notary for Private Docs | Port City Java Greenville

“The afternoon appointment didn’t come without its flaws.”

The afternoon and evening phone lines were jumping at, so much so that we had to use a little get-up-and-go power.  This is usually accomplished by a healthy, hearty, BIG OLE NAP on the part of Owner Sonita Leak.  A local party had three documents she needed to take care of, so she called in to get them taken care of IMMEDIATELY.

Familiar with the Downtown Greenville coffee scene, the signer chose the location in which the signing would occur.  Port City Java was the place.  Located next to the Main Street Wells Fargo Bank branch at 11 South Main Street, Port City Java is home to a myriad of global flavors, as their motto is “Globally Grown. Carolina Roasted.”

The afternoon appointment didn’t come without its flaws.  The parties were in such a rush to get to the table that there was no time to solicit a witness.  So what was done?  The notary and the signer took to the streets.  No, just kidding.  A patron of the business was willing to assist with the witnessing of the documents and all was well.

This assignment was completed in the early evening of Wednesday, April 20, 2016 by Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

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