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FYI: On this Tuesday, July 4, 2017, Notary Public Service WILL be available as regularly scheduled.  I do not take OFF on holidays, well, unless there is an absolute emergency.

Tons of memories are created on the Fourth of July. I’d like to bring back one memory from two years ago that really made my Independence Day special. The following came from the archives of back in 2015:

This Independence Day, I asked my boys what Independence Day meant to them:

Five-year-old perspective: “I don’t know, Cook-off?”

Eight-year-old perspective: “For me, Independence Day means, like, people helping our country out and everything, all the veterans remembered and that’s also on Veteran’s Day, so, I’m done.”

11-year-old:  “Family.”  Me:” Right now, JJ is whooping your butt in the answer department.” 11-year-old then says, “Freedom.”

This Notary’s children are hilarious.

For the Wikipedia meaning of Independence Day, you can CLICK HERE.  Otherwise, ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Sonita M. Leak

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