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During my trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina this morning, it brought back memories of Hatcher Garden, a very encompassing park that lies within the city.  I am a firm believer in recreation, but how do you find time to enjoy nature when there is so much to do work-wise?

Sometimes, just sometimes, you just have to UNDEVICE and do it!  Yes, undevice…  I made up a word.  What does this involve?  Take off your watches, leave your phone locked away and enjoy the outside air.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy living without having to look and see what time it is.  Hard to do, right?

Wrong Answer.

If you want to remain sane and enjoy what you do for a living even more, you must de-stress.  No, not distress, de-stress.  Whether you practice yoga arts, meditate, pray, play video games, practice breathing exercises, you must find time each and every day to ‘let it all roll off your back’.

If you live in Greenville – travel to Spartanburg, Pickens’ Table Rock, Clemson or another area out of reach to get a taste of somewhere else.  Your recreation self will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.

If I had a the chance today to travel to Hatcher Garden in this sweet, sparkly City of Spartanburg, I would. However, back to work in the G.

Read my Review of Hatcher Garden HERE:

To learn more about Hatcher Garden in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you can visit its website at

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*Photoset courtesy of the City of Spartanburg and Hatcher Garden websites.

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