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Original Post Created on November 2, 2015
Post Revamped on July 13, 2018
Both ON LOCATION at OJ’s Diner, 907 Pendleton Street, Greenville, SC 29601

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It was the perfect situation, I was headed toward Downtown Greenville and JUST passing a particular Pendleton Street gas station when a call rang in to the notary line regarding one signature and one stamp document. It seemed like pie in the sky. Would this be the quickest call and signing to go down in our notary record books?

The signer, who obtained my notary card from OJ’s Diner waitresses Shakira and Ki Ki, met with me within five (5) minutes.  Unfortunately, the person who signed the document wasn’t present.  Anyone who does notary work knows that, if their state is an appearance state, that signing on behalf of a non-present signer is a big no-no.

If a signer or potential signer comes to you with a document signed by someone else and asks you to ‘notarize’ on behalf of their signature, please beware.  Some folks know, some folks don’t, so please notaries, do not beat the person who presents the document over their head! Kindly explain your duties and the proper protocol for notarization in your state.  Each state’s laws are different, so please make sure you do your research before notarizing that signature.  For the State of South Carolina’s notary rules, you may visit the South Carolina Secretary of State’s website at

*All information contained herein is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  Please do not take anything I say or do as legal advice or advisement.

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