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Not every Vehicle Title Transaction needs the presence of a Notary Public, however, in some instances it is best to be protected.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had callers ask the same questions:

“I have a title from North Carolina, does it need notarization?”

“The Seller of the vehicle I just bought isn’t here with me and I have a title that asks for a Notary’s signature, what do I do?”

“I just want the entire transaction to be documented, does this need to be notarized?”

Sometimes parties ask questions that I cannot answer. In those instances, seeking an attorney’s advice is best.  There is a wealth of information on for signers to reference.  You can CLICK HERE to reference signings on Vehicle Title Transactions. Note that I am not an EXPERT when it comes to the totality of circumstances when it comes to car sales, however, if you reference the materials on this site, you will get a better insight of what to be aware of.

Safety is also key when in the midst of dealing with these types of transactions.  Here in South Carolina, there have been many cases of False Car Sales and even a recent case where people were killed.

Read about a recent incident HERE.

It’s best to perform these types of transactions in a highly public place and never, ever enter into a transaction alone, no matter the request.  Always watch your back.  An excellent location for these transactions are local law enforcement facilities and their parking lots –  many cameras and usually many law enforcement officers at hand.

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