Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | A Sit at the Car Dealership Turns Into a Signing for a Repeat Customer

I will start this post out by thanking Melody and the wonderful service crew  at  for getting my vehicle right! Did you know that Best Chevrolet in Easley, South Carolina’s name has changed?  With the recent acquisition of the dealership by Mike Hovart, the ‘Low Payment King’, the dealership has been renamed to Mike Hovart Chevrolet.  You can find that in some searches the name change is already evident.

While in wait for vehicle repairs, a local Repeat Customer of called for Notary Service.  Although I was willing to assist the signer after repairs were completed, the customer, headed back to Honea Path, decided to venture our way here. More power to her and thanks to her diligence in finding her Notary Public once again!

This past month has seen multiple repairs on the company vehicle.  What was the ROTD (Repair of the Day)?  A faulty re-called ignition switch. Notice in the mail.  No charge.  So why not get it done?

Have you recently received a recall notice in the mail?  Don’t let that recall mailpiece go un-noticed or worse, thrown away without a second thought.  Take care of any needed repairs RIGHT AWAY, especially if they are ‘FREE’.  Don’t let that free recall repair lapse!

Today’s signing is proof that I am available at all times of the day, no matter what may be in front of me at the time.  Well, sometimes.  There are times that I am unavailable because of the signing situation, but have no fear, I will be available or return your call AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Not only do I make every effort to return every call, I often test other notaries on their answering abilities, only when I need and item signed and its signature notarized myself.

Need Notary Service? Call 864.214.6447 today.


Sonita M. Leak
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