Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | “Happy Notary Public Day” from Greenville, South Carolina

It’s a great day to celebrate NOTARY-DOM! Congratulations to those who have recently received their commission as notaries public! Whether you’ve only been a notary for 20 days or if you’ve been one for 20 years, there’s always reason to celebrate.

You’re a public servant. You are responsible for identifying parties to some very important transactions in life.

For those who just attained their commission, seek alternate resources, reach out to another Notary Public through Social Media. Seek out a Notary in person in your local area that can mentor you.

For those who have been commissioned for some time, take a look back at everything that you’ve accomplished as a Notary Public, make it your day today and keep on doing what you do best!

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“Photo courtesy of the National Notary Association.

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