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Notary Sound Byte Recorded on April 6, 2018
Original Post Dated: March 24, 2017

For the Notaries Public out there in Notary Land: The past two days have seen two very different I-9 Employment Authorizations.  One took place through an online resource, the other today, on paper.  My question to you is, “Which type of I-9 Authorization do you like best?”

Some Notaries are unfamiliar with the process altogether.  There are a handful of us that know that the form should NOT BE STAMPED.  Some forms come with Attestation forms or other Acknowledgment forms for that very reason. As Notaries Public, we are not notarizing signatures for the I-9 Service process, we are merely taking the documents the person in front of us submits to us and taking down the information provided for a requesting company.  This process is usually outlawed by banks to perform due to their non-compete clause for their employees not to conduct business for other companies while on duty (and for some, off duty).

The paper I-9 form is one option for companies seeking to hire or contract with remote employees. It requires either the soon-to-be employee to print out the Internal Revenue Service’s Paper I-9 Form, which may be supplied by the employer themselves or they may be directed to the USCIS website to get it.  The first section (Section 1) of the fill-able part of the form is to be completed by the soon-to-be employee.  Sometimes it is necessary for the employee to get help in filling out the form, due to disability, language barrier, etc.  In these cases, you must check the proper box in the lower part of the form that shows that you had preparer or translator’s help. The second section (Section 2) of the fill-able part of the form is to be completed by the professional performing the Authorization.  There are many ways employers ask for the information to be recorded in this section, so you must be careful to follow directions provided, ‘to-the-T’.  This option is best for those who prefer to have the Authorization conducted in paper form. Usually an employer will choose for one option over the other (Paper vs. Online).

The Online I-9 form is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s growing technology world.  Performing an Online I-9 Authorization promotes ‘Green’ efforts in protecting the environment.  It prevents paperwork from getting ‘lost’, and most companies that present the Online I-9 Authorization have their own unique way of storing the information electronically instead of having to file more forms.

The signings conducted in relation to the I-9 form occurred on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at Coffee Underground and today, Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at the Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Place, Greenville, South Carolina 29601.

There are a plethora of resources to brush up on your Authorization skills and I could lead you to where they are all are, but I’ll let you do some handiwork.

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For another resource on I-9 Form Authorizations, you may reference the National Notary Association’s article HERE.

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