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Hey you,

Yes.  You.  You still didn’t get that signature on your document notarized, and that is quite alright.  I’m available.  At 8am you say?  Yes, even at 7am I’m available to sign off on your important documentation.  Call 864.214.6447.

You let the weekend pass, but you still need to get it done.  Here is a list of some of the services that I provide:

Notarization (of course)
Scanning Documents and Emailing to Recipients
Facsimile Services (Out and In – Mobile)
Email to Print (Not Mobile)

I specialize in providing service to patients within facilities, such as hospitals, assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation centers and for those in hospice care.

If unavailable I can refer you to another notary local notary who will.


Your Local Upstate Mobile Notary,

Sonita M. Leak
Owner of

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