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Copies of the National Notary Magazine that features my article, “Building your Notary Business One Byte at a Time” have COME IN!!! If I tagged you on my Facebook timeline, it’s because you have been an inspiration and helped pave the way of my journey today.

The following link is the nomination form for National Notary of the Year. Nominate me! Keep in mind that you can nominate any notary public across the country you wish.  Happy nominating!

You will have to enter the following information:
First Name of Notary: Sonita
Last Name of Notary: Leak
Phone #: 864.214.6447
Email of Notary:
Notary State: SC or South Carolina

Thank you for your support!


Sonita M. Leak
Owner of

*Having been around since 1990, the Notary of the Year Award is issued by the National Notary Association.  We want to thank our current National Notary of the Year for 2018, Jen Ramcharan and also personally thank Tracee Jordan National Notary of the Year for 2017 for their service to the loan and signing agent industry.

Please see below the list of the previous winners of the National Notary Association’s Notary of the Year Award, as per the National Notary Association Website:

Notary of the Year Award Recipients

Notary of the Year Award Recipients
2018 Jeannette Ramcharan, Maryland
Working Hard To Make People Happy
2017 Tracee Jordan, Texas
God’s Angel On Earth With A Notary Stamp
2016 Elissa Davey, California
Provides A Helping Hand For Those In Need
2015 LaQuita Gaskins, Kentucky
Protecting Citizens As A Veteran And A Notary
2014 David Shean, California
A Voice For Notaries In The Real Estate Industry
2013 Kathy Fletcher, Arizona
Empathy And Passion For Serving The Public
2012 Sheri Kesterke, Michigan
Dedicated To Serving Her Community
2011 Chrissey Ladd, New Jersey
A Passion For Notarization, Helping Others
2010 Daniel C. Lewis, Indiana
Doing Things Right, One Detail At A Time
2009 Elaine Wright Harris, Maryland
Commitment To Elevating The Notary Office Through Professionalism And Education
2008 Liz Adams, Florida
Tomorrow’s Notary Today
2007 Joan Sampson, California
Making Her Mark By Making A Difference
2006 Frank Marcial, California
Dedicated To Trust, Integrity, Reliability & Charity
2005 Carol Salter, Colorado
Teacher Of Ethical Practice Among Hospital Notaries
2004 Jamie Smith Liggins, California
Dedicated To Strengthening The Professionalism Of Notaries
2003 Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond, New Jersey
Education, Motivation Are Keys To Her Success
2002 Michael Finland, New York
The Future Is Now
2001 Belinda Ann Fargher, Montana
Have Seal, Will Travel. Being A Notary Imbues Every Aspect Of Her Life
2000 Barbara M. Duckett, New York
Strict Standards Combined With Compassionate Service
1999 Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Shorthouse, Connecticut
She’s An Activist Who Is Dedicated To Improving Notary Standards
1998 Denise Brewer, Oklahoma
Educating For Excellence Is The Mission She’s Assigned Herself
1997 Elvin Pate, California
Energetic Exemplar Of Professionalism, Community Spirit
1996 Julius Heinke, New York
A Committed Notary, Fireman & Community Leader
1995 Bobbi Scherrer, California
A Spirited Innovator
1994 James W. Paulus, Maryland
The Energetic Educator
1993 Anita Ellington, Texas
Service Is Her Career
1992 Betty Collins, Florida
Dedicated To Serving The Elderly
1991 William D. Wagoner, Michigan
Dedicated To Public Service
1990 Ramiro M. Medina, California
Going Above & Beyond

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