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“Why a notary public? Why can’t I just go to the bank?”

A Very Important Person in the eyes of Seminole Signing Services needed assistance with their Refinance Oversight for an out-of-state property. The last time we worked with Seminole Signing Services was in early 2015 for a Reverse Mortgage Oversight. Thank you to Seminole for calling us back for repeat business.

Many signers ask us why companies seek notaries public to assist their clients with certain document packages. The answer in short is this, right from the horse, er uh, human’s mouth: Banks are usually busy with their day-to-day operations, tellers usually do not have the extensive time to pay attention to some of the more intricate details of a larger closing, loan or application package. There are at times multiple pages that require signature notarization, there are pages that will require initials, and in many cases, packages are returned due to common errors.

A Notary Signing Agent performs these duties on a daily basis and specializes in ensuring that the documents are printed correctly, and are executed correctly before, during and after the course of the signing. This includes, but is not limited to, printing in an appropriately sized font, printing on the correct-sized paper, checking for accuracy, name spellings, acknowledgment pages, and that’s just on the documents themselves!

We as Signing Agents are held to the highest standard of professionalism as well. Often in public, you will see me dressed down, however, when it comes to working with the companies I represent, I must represent and do it well. Attire is never less than business casual, punctuality is a must.

Signing Agents are also responsible for sending the documents to the appropriate recipient. Usually, we are sending the documents back to the requesting company, however, there are times that we must send the documents to another party for a second or third set of signatures. Sometimes we are forwarding the documents to another title company or lender. Companies normally send Signing Agents complete FedEx labels, but at times, we must fill in the information in order to send off our documents.

For more information on what Signing Agents do, you can GO HERE.*

And just so you know, this signing DID occur, at the bank! (Due to privacy no details will be released on location.)

*Link information provided by the National Notary Association

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