Notary for Release Form | K-Mart

“Can you notarize this, scan it and email it at K-Mart?”

A signing for a Release of All Claims was conducted at the K-Mart located on, well OF COURSE, 1 K-Mart Plaza, Greenville, South Carolina 29605. The signer for this Release of All Claims had limited time and availability, however their documentation needed to be submitted by 5:00pm in order to be processed. So what we do here at is notarize the document, then, if the need is urgent, scan and fax or email the document where it needs to go. This is what happened today. The document was notarized by Owner Sonita M. Leak, scanned and emailed ON-THE-SPOT, right in the middle of busy K-Mart traffic, right in the nick of time!

Should you need a document notarized, scanned and emailed, we are able to scan and email up to 50 pages (for an additional fee, call to inquire).

Call 864.214.6447 today to have your mobile notary service needs met. Assigned to South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak, March 17, 2016.

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