Notary for Small Wedding Ceremony at Starbucks off of E. North Street, Greenville

marriagelicense“Short and Sweet” Elopement Ceremony was performed on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 on behalf of a Greenville, SC resident and her spouse.  The couple wanted to get married on a memorable day in time.  This day just happened to be the birth-day of the bride!  Therefore, “Congratulations, to the LOVELY COUPLE!”

The nuptials were performed at Starbucks, located at 2431 E. North Street, Greenville, SC 29607. Sonita M. Leak officiated the ceremony.  The ceremony was the first of two held at local coffee shops this week.  Greenvillians and transplants (I am one) alike LOVE their coffee…

Interested in getting married?  Your first stop should be to either call to, or better yet… appear in person to the Marriage and Licensing Division of the Greenville County Probate Court located at 301 University Ridge, Suite 5600, Greenville, SC  29601. It is marked by a cranberry-colored awning.  The office can be reached by calling