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Two Jurat and Affiant Statements, drafted by the National Notary Association, were completed on the evening of Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

Due to privacy concerns, there is no further information on this particular assignment, however, we can give you more information on a Jurat/Affiant Statement.  This statement looks like THIS.  As you see on the form itself, there is a 7-line space where you can input your statement.  Also, you have the option to select the  box stating that there is an attachment page or pages, instead of writing in the spaces below.

For notaries, being a member of a notary association is not required, however, these associations do have resources available that can assist you in your day to day duties. These associations commonly have fees associated with their memberships. Two of the most common associations are:

The American Society of Notaries
The National Notary Association

There are several states that also have member associations to assist notaries public in their states.  Research to find out if your state has an association to assist you.

Tonight’s signing occurred at Spill the Beans, 531 S. Main Street, Greenville South Carolina 29601.

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