Notary Blog Revisited: In Love and War

In our ‘business’ of notarization, we must always keep in mind that a person we conduct a signing on behalf of may be struggling with, either their own, or a loved one’s injury, illness, terminal diagnosis or mental state.

Taking care of important paperwork is, in some cases, considered “tedious”, “unimportant” or is simply ignored. I will be the first to tell you that I have seen and heard of hundreds of situations where signers or loved ones are at their wits’ end attempting to figure out how to get a Will or Power of Attorney completed only ‘after’ a traumatic experience has occurred. It’s no fun. My advice?

Get it done early and get it done now. The main reason for this post today is to point out a few resources for those seeking Probate Court document help. If you look at the photo below to the left, it is a representation of what just one piece of the Greenville County Probate Court’s face looks like. You will also see that I have circled the following: Copy Request Form, Estate, Mediation, Protective Services, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, and the Probate Court Fees List.  These are very important links you will want to have access to should you need them.  You can visit them directly by clicking on each above, or you can go directly to the Greenville County Probate Court website by CLICKING HERE.

The next update I’d like to inform those applying for Marriage Licenses in Greenville County about is the ‘New’ Online Marriage License – Worksheet.  What it does is it allows you to submit much of your information to the Probate Court’s Marriage License Division right on the Internet.  Although you submit much of your information online, both future spouses must appear IN PERSON.  For additional requirements needed to submit a marriage application, click HERE.

Please see the snippet of the Greenville County Probate Court’s website below:

*Photo courtesy of and post by South Carolina Notary Public and Owner Sonita M. Leak.


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