Owner Sonita M. Leak Re-Certifies for the July 2015 – July 2016 Term with More Information on Notary Background Screenings

By law, to become a Notary Public in most states, you must be the age of majority (18) and be a resident of that state.  There are exceptions to receiving your commission in states other than your state of residence.  For the rules for your state and any other state in which you would like to apply for a commission, please visit that state’s secretary of state office or website.

With that said, a notary public is an officer of the state who has the duty to verify the identity of a person signing party to a document.  If you would like another definition of a notary public, you can visit Wikipedia’s version HERE.

A Certified Notary Public Signing Agent is one who is a notary public, however, they have gone through intensive training for a specialization in assisting with loan documents and more complicated transactions than your normal run-of-the-mill notarizations. The training ends with an examination in which you either pass or fail.  Through some programs, every CNSA must re-certify each year.  There are several organizations with websites that offer certification, here are some to name a few.  Keep in mind, this is for informational purposes only and we cannot tell you to choose one program over the other if you should decide to become certified.

National Notary Association

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