Notary for Private Document Signing in West End | Featuring Mill Village Market

So yesterday was quite a different day from the norm for notary work.  People ‘barely’ think of notary service being available on the weekend. However, weekend notary service is ALWAYS available when it comes to  Yesterday, while celebrating the … Continue reading

New Blog Post: Notary for Affidavit of Residence for Anderson, SC Residents

An Affidavit of Residence was brought to’s attention for a female of the age of majority (18) for entry into High School as a South Carolina resident. This notarization occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Oftentimes Affidavits of Residence are completed incorrectly because the person who needs to show proof to the school may be the parent with the assumption that they are also the person ultimately signing the form as the affiant.  There are some Affidavit of Residence forms that have a signature line for the requestor and the resident, however, most forms are only for the accommodating resident to sign.  Please know who will be party to the signing before presenting your document to the Notary Public.

That is all.