Notary Blog Revisited: In Love and War

Taking care of important paperwork is, in some cases, considered “tedious”, “unimportant” or is simply ignored. I will be the first to tell you that I have seen and heard of hundreds of situations where signers or loved ones are at their wits’ end attempting to figure out how to get a Will or Power of Attorney completed only ‘after’ a traumatic experience has occurred. It’s no fun. My advice? (Read the FULL blog article for more information.) Continue reading

Notary for I9 Authorization & Attestation

“In-Person and Online I9 Authorizations? We assist with BOTH!” An I-9 Authorization signing was conducted on behalf of a repeat East Side Greenville customer on the morning of Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Our customer knew the drill, to have their … Continue reading

Notary for Power of Attorney Signing and Pulling of Witnesses, Yet Again!

Isn’t it lovely when you don’t have witnesses when you need them?  This is why we are so thrilled to have YOU, the general public.  Two random folks were poked and prodded from Spill the Beans this evening to assist … Continue reading

New Blog Post: Notary for Identity Verification and I-9 Authorization on Behalf of Asurion

All in a days work, right? A remote employee of Asurion, a nationwide-employer of teleservices agents who process insurance claims, called a few days before to set an appointment to have her I-9 Authorization Form completed and Attestation Form notarized in Greenville, SC.  The employee could not find a notary who could accurately complete the 1/2 in-person and 1/2 electronic process.  These identity proofings can be quite complicated and if not completed correctly lead in 1) the employee not being hired or 2) the lengthy process of having the proofing completed all over again.

The employee traveled all the way from Union, South Carolina to have this process completed. This proofing was completed by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak, accompanied by Notary Apprentice Tasha Robbins, who plans on becoming a notary public for the State of South Carolina in the next coming weeks.  For an application to become a notary public in this state, visit and click on the Notaries and Apostilles tab.