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Yes, folks, in life, THINGS HAPPEN.  Some unexpected events in our lives occur that prevent us from leading the lives in which we intend.  It doesn’t have to all fall down from there.  Catastrophic events in our lives, while although sudden, should be expected. For those of us who expect the unexpected, we prepare ourselves. Continue reading

Notary Blog: POA at Panera

After a brief pause from Greenville Memorial Hospital, Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak was on the road again to Panera Bread, 708 Haywood Road for an exigent Power of Attorney signing.  Due to privacy, the type of Power of Attorney document will not be disclosed.  Additional document services were also provided on behalf of the signers.

When you need documents done in a jiffy, or you have an exigent circumstance, call on to get it done.  Know that you can go to ANY Notary Public for service, however, if they are not abreast of the laws as they pertain to notarial work in their state, the service provided may not be sufficient for a court of law or Registrar of Deeds office.

Know also that as Notaries Public we cannot provide information on ‘how’ to draft your document or ‘what’ specific details to fill, our duty goes as far as showing you ‘where’ to put certain information.

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Notary Blog: Call by 11, There by 12

While visiting their loved one, who made an unexpected trip to the Greenville Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, then up to the Heart Institute Intensive Care Unit, one of a patient’s relatives made a call to While the Notary Public was on the way to take care of another situation, information was provided via text to get to the signers in urgent need of assistance. Continue reading

Notary Blog: Dreary Sunday – But Still Available

Whether you know this facility by its new name or still refer to it as its previous, WE KNOW WHERE IT IS! 600 Old Sulphur Springs Road, Greenville, SC 29617 is one of the first places I approached when soliciting clients and customers for Continue reading