Notary Blog: ‘Going Greer’

No, you read it right… over here at we are not ‘Going Green’ (we already are), we’re ‘Going Greer’! What does that mean? It means we will travel to you for notary service wherever you are in the Upstate, … Continue reading

Notary for Spousal Consent Form for Private Document | Spill the Beans, Greenville

Shortly after one notarization, another occurred.  The weekend is a time to relax for most, however, for those who need documents turned in on Monday morning, time is of the essence.  A local couple was in the search for a … Continue reading

Notary for Spousal Consent Form at Spill the Beans for a Taylors, South Carolina Resident

We’re glad that we can provide fast, efficient service in a time of need! The initial phone call was a call Owner, Sonita M. Leak would never forget.  The caller was at a loss for words when he was told that … Continue reading

Notary for Spousal Consent for Financial Institution Form

On the evening of Monday, May 4, 2015, a resident of Greenville, South Carolina called after hours on behalf of his spouse.  The document was for a spousal consent.  Due to the surge in these types of forms, we … Continue reading