Tales of the Weird: They Brought Just ‘Some’ of The Paperwork

I received the initial call from a signer needing Divorce documents signed. First, the signer had to get the paperwork printed at their local library.  I was informed that I would receive a callback when this was done and the signer was making their way to Greenville from their location in Marietta… Marietta, South Carolina, that is.

Well, two hours later, I decided to reach out to the signer, because sometimes, people just don’t show up.  The conversation goes like this:

via Text- Me @ 8:14pm: Just wondering if you were in need of my notary services tonight

via Text- Them @ 8:15pm: I am parking now and walking to the building


The plan was to meet with their ‘other side’ of the Divorce at a mutual location, with me, signing to verify identity and notarize signatures, where needed, for both parties.

So when my caller arrives, they walk in with paperwork in hand.  Only thing, it wasn’t ALL of the paperwork required to execute 1/3 of a Divorce.  Yes, that’s right.  They didn’t have all of the paperwork necessary to complete a successful Uncontested Divorce.

So what had to be done?  Where another notary would have said, “Go back to the drawing table and print the paperwork necessary out and bring it back,”  I set each and every document required to print ON THE SPOT, traveled back to GreenvilleNotary.com Headquarters, printed the paperwork and returned.

With the uncertainty of whether the parties would still be at our meeting place because, in my mind, it ALL seemed suspicious, I headed back to the meeting.

To my surprise, all parties were still on location, including the ‘other’ party being served.

Paperwork was executed, with grumbles of course…

Let’s see how this all ends up in the wash.

2 thoughts on “Tales of the Weird: They Brought Just ‘Some’ of The Paperwork

  1. Bless all your efforts, I would have prayed and taken a deposit prior to retrieving the rest of the documents. In my experience when this happens it just fuels the fire for the other party to talk and demonstrate why their getting a divorce in the first place.

    Clients are different and as notaries debate on taking certain notarization watch, everyone and you can never be too safe. I am very happy that your experience worked out for all.

    Thank you awesome article.

    Crystal Whiteside-Lemon
    2018 NOTY Special Honoree

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