Thank you, Twin Doctors Brandi & Brittani Jackson | Community Health Summit-April 6, 2019

A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to the Twin Doctors Brandi and Brittani Jackson originally from, get this, Twinsburg, Ohio.

Introduced to the stage by South Carolina Senator Karl Allen, these ladies told the story of trial to triumph. Because they are twins, they have always had a competitive spirit. They told the story of how they made it and what they are doing to change the dynamics of the medical industry with the advent of their website Med Like Me.

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Video Courtesy of the NBC Nightly News

Growing up in the Twinsburg Heights section of the city, the twins didn’t picture themselves as doctors because they were Black. All they saw growing up was the astute white male with donned white coat in the position of physician.

They posed a statement to the audience, “Imagine a Doctor.” In big black letters across the screen, “Imagine a Doctor.” Then, on the next slide of the Powerpoint, you see several that may come to mind when you yourself think of one. Dr. Phil, Hugh Laurie of the series ‘House’. In my mind, I was thinking, Doogie Howser M.D., but he wasn’t there. Society will tell you that a doctor looks like one of the characters that is pictured on the screen in front of you. These two want to change this perspective.

Brandi, a Psychiatric Doctor and Brittani, practicing in Family Medicine, described to the crowd a typical day in their field of medicines. Then they charged us, the audience to imagine ourselves in those roles.

Growing up, they never saw the influence of a Black doctor, however, with the glimpse of seeing a Black woman wearing locs and donning a white coat, just one glimpse, was a glimmer of hope for the twins that it could be done.

They want to be that same glimmer of hope to others.

You can visit their website Med Like Me to see how they are making an impact in the lives of inspiring physicians today.

Also, don’t forget that today is World Health Day. Although we should be taking care of ourselves on a daily basis, take some time out to take your blood pressure. Visit a local clinic or physician’s office this week and have your cholesterol checked. Schedule a mammogram. Stay abreast of your health 24/7, 365.

Have an excellent day.

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Video courtesy of NBC Nightly News
Photo of the Twin Doctors courtesy of Dr. Brittani Jackson’s Twitter

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